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Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

It's simple, a LoonRah cleaned facility is just different. Over the years we have created a system that works! With detailed quality audits, safety guidelines, fully trained staff, professional uniforms, instant 24/7 communication via our custom App, it's clear... LoonRah Commercial Cleaning Services is here for you.

Ocala Cleaning Service, The Villages Cleaning Service, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning



Cleaning for Health.

Cleaning for Appearance.

Cleaning for Balance.


LoonRah was created from a place of pure integrity and a passion for the cleaning industry. Since our planet was hit with COVID-19, LoonRah has taken it a step further to ensure a truly clean and unique approach to maintaining a healthy environment to work in. With a combined 34+ years of experience in professional cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, you can be rest assured that your facility is serviced by true professionals.  

"There is a sense of purpose in every detail, intuitive service." - Eddie, Lead Advisor

Contact me directly at (352)-687-4979 ext. 711 or

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